Located at Lake Tahoe, California, Sugar Bowl Academy is a fully accredited college preparatory high school for competitive skiers. It's a world-class ski academy for Alpine, Nordic and Freeride athletes.

Important Readings on Being a Trustee

 The Source - Twelve Principals of Governance that Power Exceptional Boards


SBSTA Trustee Documents

2017 - 2018 Trustee Calendar

2017 - 2018 Trustee Roster

2018 - 2019 Trustee Roster

2018 - 2019 Trustee Nomination Form

SBSTA Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

2016 Form 990

Articles of Incorporation

SBSTA Bylaws

Revised Bylaws

Conflict of Interest Statement

Reasonable Efforts Questionnaire

2014 Amended Articles of Incorporation

Secretary's Certificate


SBSTA Trustee Strategic Planning

Overview of SBSTA Strategic Direction and Initiatives

SBSTA Strategic Direction

SBSTA Work Plan

Letter from the Board Chair

2015 - 2016 Board Mission Survey Results

Mission Presentation

2017-2018 SWOT Analysis

 2018 - 2019 Strategic Plan with Back Up

2016-2017 Board and Committee Goals

2016 SBSTA Board Goals

2015 SBSTA Audit Committee Goals

2016 SBSTA Audit Committee Goals

2015 SBSTA Outreach Committee Goals

2016 SBSTA Outreach Committee Goals

2016 SBSTA Academic Committee Goals


2017-2018 board and committee goals

2017-2018 Board Goals

2017-2018 Audit Committee Goals

2017-2018 Development and Outreach Committee Goals

2017-2018 Finance Committee Goals

2017-2018 Governance Committee Goals

 2017-2018 Strategic Planning Goals

2018-2019 Board and committee goals

2018-2019 Board Goals

2018-2019 Audit Committee Goals

2018-2019 Development and Outreach Committee goals

2018-2019 Finance Committee Goals

2018-2019 Governance Committee Goals

2018-2019 Strategic Planning Committee Goals


CAIS Documents

CAIS Future Planning Document - 2018

CAIS Progress Report (full)