Located at Lake Tahoe, California, Sugar Bowl Academy is a fully accredited college preparatory high school for competitive skiers. It's a world-class ski academy for Alpine, Nordic and Freeride athletes.

Geographical Imaginations - Pedagogy of the Compressed

"Geographical Imaginations, created and narrated by Kevin S. Fox, is designed to bring together geographic, academics or spatial thinking. The main focus of the project is an hour-long radio essay program broadcast monthly from Radio Fabrik in Salzburg, Austria.  In each episode we make brief expeditions into “the geographies of everything and nothing.”  We reflect upon our relationships with the worlds we inhabit and co-create.  While many of the episodes deal with local and regional topics, themes are somewhat universal and our investigations could inform the geographical imaginations of those living anywhere in the world.

In Pedagogy of the Compressed http://www.geographicalimaginations.org/season-two/ we venture through different spaces of teaching and learning with Dr. Rich Heyman of the University of Texas and ride upcycled bicycles through northern California with Seth Dow, Andy Knox, Hannah Halvorsen and Brandon Herhusky of Sugar Bowl Academy.  In this time-space compressed world what does it mean to be “doing” geography and how can our methodology, or the how, be more important than the what?  (Photo by Seth Dow)