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Campus Collaboration and Creation Revives Ancient Japan

Communication, collaboration, creation, and critical thinking are generally regarded as the pillars of 21st century learning. 

Late last week, SBA sixth and seventh grade students showcased the 21st century skills they have cultivated at school this year, performing a one-act play they had written for students, faculty and parents that combined the ancient Japanese Noh performance style with the history they had recently learned of ancient China's Qin dynasty. 

"In seventh grade, we study Noh plays from ancient Japan, and in sixth, we study ancient China and the Qin dynasty," explained sixth and seventh-grade teacher Alexis Cooper. 

"As the sixth graders were reading about Emperor Qin, we learned about his fear of death and how he had died mysteriously after his magicians told him about a 'magic potion.' At this point, we all began laughing because we could see in our minds how history may have occurred at this point."

"The seventh graders wanted to do a Noh play about Emperor Qin which would include students from both grades. The kids came in early one day, and I typed, while they told me how the play would go - lines and staging.

"I am very proud of how it all came together because they worked as a team and encouraged each other.  They put the costumes together, wrote the play and came up with the props! They solidified their knowledge of the history at both grade levels, and they learned how to put a mini-production together, which involved teamwork.  They also learned how to write a play, including stage commands."