Located at Lake Tahoe, California, Sugar Bowl Academy is a fully accredited college preparatory high school for competitive skiers. It's a world-class ski academy for Alpine, Nordic and Freeride athletes.



Every year student-athletes from all over the country and world spend 8th through 12th grade pursuing their passions and striving towards big goals. Very quickly, they'll become your extended family.

But it's not just the student-athletes that make Sugar Bowl Academy what it is. It's the teachers, coaches and staff that truly make this a supportive community. Not only are they dedicated to helping you learn and grow as skiers and as global citizens, but they're your mentors, advisors and guardians.

Their commitment to you and the Academy extends well beyond the school day. From making delicious meals (everyone loves Taco Tuesdays), to leading an XeD experience, to organizing our annual Century Ride, they make Sugar Bowl Academy a "home away from home" whether you're a day student or living in the residential hall.

And you have the opportunity to be a mentor, too. There are over 400 Sugar Bowl Ski Team members ages 4+ who will consider you a superhero. Which is appropriate. Because this program takes a superhero level of commitment.


At the center of Sugar Bowl Academy's mission is a deep commitment to your intellectual, physical, social and emotional development and welfare. Respectful, inspirational and close relationships with all members of the school community promote grit, grace and courage as you strive to become a passionate global citizen.

The Academy's core values of respect, responsibility and integrity are emphasized in each and every aspect of the Academy experience.

Through a variety of formal and informal activities, the Sugar Bowl Academy experience develops independent and confident young adults who thrive in its tight-knit community of passionate, highly-motivated skiers striving toward common goals.

"Although ski academies will always be considered 'unconventional,' it is the eccentricities of Sugar Bowl Academy that make it a priceless learning experience. Where else are students close enough with their teachers or coaches that they share stories, dinners, games, trips and even clothes?"