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Why Coding?

By Seth Dow Faculty

We are immersed in code every day.

You are reading this on a browser, which is powered by CSS, Javascript, and HTML. If you are on a mac you can press Command-option-U and see the source, it will start with <!DOCTYPE html> which is the boilerplate html text every web page is coded in.


In the world we live in we use computers and algorithms whether we are aware of it or not. That is why we have chosen to offer coding at our school. We can become more efficient if we understand the tools we use everyday. We also have a broader scope of influence and possibilities in the world when we can use tools at a deeper level.

There are many languages for a student to learn. Each language has its own methods and syntax but the general framework is the same for all of them, so it is a matter of debate as to which to start with so we offer three different possibilities at our school: Python, Javascript, and Ruby. We also teach R in our statistics course.

All of these are object oriented languages, which is the most common type of language used in programming. These courses are challenging, fun, and give students the opportunity to create interesting projects. Last year a group made Ultimate Tic Tac Toe in our web development class (see below).


Learning code gives students the fundamentals for a career in which they can explore data, create web pages, or develop apps. These skills will be fundamental in the marketplace of the future, whether curating a museum or doing long term weather forecasting, coding will be the base for anyone pursuing a high level career.

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