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Nordic Canmore Camp Recap

By Martin Benes Coaches

During the November Camp block, the Nordic team was looking for something new. We’ve spent the past several years making the drive up to West Yellowstone, MT for a week of on-snow training. West Yellowstone is the place to be for much of the Western and Midwestern ski community during the week of Thanksgiving. There is (relatively) reliable snow, mellow terrain, and new equipment demos. The week is also traditionally capped by a race or two.

This year, looking to break the monotony as well as focusing more on training during our first week on snow, we explored a few other options before settling on Canmore, Alberta. Canmore is nestled in the Canadian Rockies and provided several key plusses. One, they save snow every year from the previous season and have snowmaking capacity. This meant that we’d be guaranteed a few kilometers of skiing. Two, the terrain. Canmore has played host to multiple World Cup events over the past eight years, meaning the skiing trails are world class. Three, lower elevation. West Yellowstone sits at about 6600 feet, not much lower than our normal training at Royal Gorge. Canmore sits at about 4600 feet, meaning we could put in more volume and be able to recover better throughout the ten-day camp. Lastly, the biathlon range meant our biathletes could get in their needed range time as well without having to do any additional travel.

Overall, the camp was a huge success. Though the temperatures were well above average for that time of year, the manmade/saved snow loop was in great condition all week. We did get some snow during the camp, which allowed them to open up some of the outer trails for some amazing distance skiing. We were able to focus on good technical progressions as we returned to on-snow training and instilled good fundamentals through balance and agility drills. Being able to individualize plans and volume for the camp ensured that everyone stayed healthy and got the most out of the week. The skiing was firm and fast, and everyone was able to make strong technical and tactical progress that we can build on for the rest of the season.

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