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Europe Training Recap

By Brett Jacobson Coaches

It's an exciting time of year. We're happy to report that a small group from SBA recently spent two weeks in Europe training alongside some of the best skiers in the world. After a Slalom block in the AlpinCenter in Northern Germany, the group migrated to Stelvio for a GS training block.













The camp began with an SL block at the AlpinCenter, an indoor ski facility in Northern Germany and ended with GS training at Passo Stelvio. Although indoor skiing has yet to reach North America, we can report that AlpinCenter offers some of the best SL training a coach would dream of. The surface is ice, the turn-around is quick, and the hotel is just down the hallway. It's a factory for Slalom skiing. Undoubtedly a unique experience, far from the European ski vacation which dreams are made of. The AlpinCenter allows two sessions daily of two hours a piece. Because of the surface, coaches prepared the skis twice daily, which consisted of two pairs per athlete per session. The group skied over 4500 turns in less than 100 hours. 





After the SL block in Germany, the crew adventured 11 hours South towards the Dolomites. The crew spent two days "off" during the journey. Some free time in Innsbruck was much needed, but the journey wasn't yet over. SBA's accommodations in Stelvio consisted of a hotel at the base of the glacier. This hotel sits at 10,300 feet and offers an ideal location for glacier skiing in Europe. Training at Stelvio brings many strengths, surface, lane-space hours, or quick turn around. The ITA Men's World Cup team stopped by for two days of GS training one lane over! The crew was blessed with sunny conditions throughout the camp. Rest days were saved for a weather day, which never happened. The SBA athletes made huge strides forward in their GS, no less than 5000 turns were made over the course of the week.  


There's no doubt the ideal weather conditions played a huge roll in the quality of this camp, the day after the group left Stelvio the weather rolled in. These athletes brought forth a healthy growth mindset and dug deep, they took full advantage of the ideal training scenario. 

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