The Admissions Process

Step 1: Complete the Student Inquiry Form.

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Step 2: Schedule a Campus Visit & Interview.

All prospective SBA students and their families are required, with very few exceptions, to visit our campus in person. Your visit will include a campus tour, classroom visits, on-snow and/or dryland training sessions and meetings with the Head of School and appropriate Head Coach. To schedule a Campus Visit & Interview, you must first complete the Student Inquiry Form.

Step 3: Submit the Sugar Bowl Academy Application.

Sugar Bowl Academy financial aid applications will be available by April 2017.

Complete the 2017-2018 Sugar Bowl Academy application


Step 4: Applying for Financial Aid

Sugar Bowl Academy offers both need and merit-based financial aid awards. Families who wish to apply for financial aid will be required to complete and submit a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) to the School and Student Services (SSS) branch of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Financial aid applications will be available by April 2017. For additional information, please contact, SBA Director of Admissions, Karen Rowe.